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But I have to. Although actually, I’m starting to forget about the reasons why I’m moving to blogger in the first place. Chatbox, adsense, chatbox, adsense.

So yes, I am moving back to blogger and here’s my new blog: click. It was a struggle for me to find a layout that fits what I think my blog would be like so yeah, just sayin’.

Btw, how are your Christmas celebrations? Talk to me. At my chatbox. New blog. Again:

Ciao, arrivederci! Although I really have a feeling that I’ll be coming back here again. LOL

My dear WordPress,

You brought me back to life – the blogging life, that is. I rose up from the grave of laziness to write and blocked off creativity and here I am now standing in front of the gates of free-flowing words and juicy ideas. Your very-easy-to-work-with-even-for-the-technologically-challenged functionisms like the labels, widgets, blog roll, comments moderation thing, daily stats, and more inspired me to actually have 10 posts and share a part of my life to the world wide web.

Indeed, you have been nothing but great to me. But I’m afraid I would have to leave you now, WordPress. Because despite all your greatness, you still won’t allow me to have a tagboard and ehem, ads, ehem. I feel chained and you should know that I am not a big fan of limitations. So please, love, understand that I have to move on and be who I am. I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand.

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How to have the greatest weekend ever

Watch Ateneo High’s IGKAS with girlfriends on a Friday night. Feel teary-eyed while watching the fireworks. Eat steak while looking in the mirror and then make faces. (Aww, no pictures. Super fail!) And then..

Attend your advocacy org’s outreach program cum Christmas party for street kids and meet the children with the greatest potentials on a Saturday afternoon. After that..

Bond with mates from the above-stated org (Yay, CRAdLe!), play the craziest games, and eat like you’ve never eaten before come Saturday night. But wait, there’s more!

Skip curfew and get the keys to your ‘other’ place because it’s a fuckin’ Saturday. Let go, drink like there’s no tomorrow, and have an epic night with the people you always have the greatest fun with.

Six hours later, wake up with the sun piercing through your eyes and your tummy begging to be filled with something solid. Watch the corniest of the corniest shows and laugh like a hyena. Escape reality and sleep the afternoon away. Wake up with the moon already up and talk about life with your i-have-no-fuckin’-idea-what-i’ll-do-without-you friends. Be random and go out without taking a bath. Buy Gilbey’s Premium and tambay at the building’s pool. Swim with your shirts on under the coldest December sky. Wait for the guards to ask you to leave then leave (1. Drinks are not allowed around the pool. 2. Thou shall not swim with clothes on. I mean, with not swimwear clothes on.) I had to compensate for the lack of pictures of this Sunday with words. LOL And then when the reality of Monday comes knocking..

Spend a morning at NCMH with the very first org, scratch that, family you found when you entered college (I ❤ KMS). You may feel so tired and drained but when you start to think about the stuff you just did, you’ll feel so high with gratitude, appreciation, and awe.

And then comes now. Call your not-so-angry mom and explain that your battery died last Sunday. Grab pictures from everyone on Facebook. Decide to study when the clock ticks 6PM. Post a blog about the greatest weekend your life.

PS. I do not own these pictures. Lovely friends, don’t kill me when you see this.

This has got to be one of the greatest weeks of my two-oh-oh-nine. And tomorrow’s gonna be epic. Okay, so much for yeah-whatever-I’m-not-gonna-think-about-it. What am I talking about? I dunno either!

Is it just me or is my blog really getting more and more vague-ish each post?

Fourteen sweet days before Christmas! And almost a week now after some freakin’ power-hungry, scaredy cat fucktard declared Martial Law in Maguindanao. How many days have we been waiting for justice anyways?

BV much? Okay, erase erase. Fourteen sweet days before Christmas! I don’t know what I’ll buy for people this year. Heck, I don’t even know what I’ll buy for myself this year. It’s really hard to think of a wishlist when all you want for Christmas is that one thing you know you can’t have. LOL LOL AS IF

Anjhdjviekjakddkjlzkrhgolps. I’m just gonna end this post before I write even more nonsense. OMG VENGABOYS’ SHA LA LA IS PLAYING ON MY ITUNES. HAHA. I miss.

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I feel like a hypocrite.

Remember that personal gender theory paper that I had to do in a very short time because of my very lazy ass? Well, what I wrote in there as a conclusion was about the fluidity of gender.

All in all, with all the role and behavior reversals, histories of inequality, and institutional stereotyping of gender, I believe that the gray area between the structures of men and women is now highly celebrated in societies. This fluidity in gender is because of most people’s need to not define themselves and just be what they feel who they are in a particular period of time despite the rules constructed by those who preceded this generation.

Sabog, I know. Anyways, my point is, despite the sociological imagination, my friends’ experiences, and other things regarding gender and sexuality, I’m still somehow traditional and not so open-minded after all. This has something to do with alcohol and some lesbian-ish acquaintances. Don’t get me wrong though; I do not discriminate – at all. I support friends who found happiness in situations as such. It’s just probably not for me.

And then about last night. I told some friends that I feel like I’m changing, probably very slowly but at least changing (for the better?) and they actually agreed. Too bad I went back to being “my old self” very easily and fast. (Let’s talk about my identity and personality and other stuff about who I am some other time.) After I-have-no-fucking-clue-how-many shots, I passed out (after the longest time of not passing out) and woke up this morning in a condo unit that I know isn’t mine. My friends never left me (and I know they never will in situations like that) and the friends we met while having fun were actually very sweet and nice. And it would be more than cool to hang with them again. Let’s just not talk about how much of that night I remember. LOL

Is it just me or did I use too much parentheses? Haha

Why is it so fuckin’ hard to lose weight? I’ve got motivation, all right. But, ugh. Maybe I don’t have enough of it after all. I don’t wanna bore anyone with this shit but I just find it crazy that an hour ago, when I was supposed to write in here already, I was all “yeah I can do this” and talk about it. And then after 30 minutes I went, “fuck that, I’ll just go with another diet” because I wanted to eat spam so badly. And right now I’m sorta back to, “I really need to lose weight”. But I still want to eat spam.

FYI: Have you guys heard of the General Motors Weight Loss Diet Program otherwise known as the Cosmo Body 7-day Challenge? If not, click here. I’m trying to do it and it’s my first day so yeah.

So, what has been going on? I feel like I went hiatus or something. I don’t know why. I certainly sorta did with my social life this weekend. My family spent the weekend here in the Metro and I was with them the whole time hence I missed two crazy nights with two crazy group of friends. But what the hell, with them I’m sure there’ll be a lot more of those. And that’s why I love them. LOL

Really short post, huh? Btw, my higad mark has become smaller but it looks fuckin’ weird right now, haha. I’d post pictures but uh, it’s complicated.

I’m so out of everything – focus, determination, motivation, lotion, and the list goes on. I have a five-paged personal gender theory paper due tomorrow, I haven’t started yet, I have no idea how, and here I am chillin’ and bloggin’. So cool. LOL

Most people probably don’t realize that sometimes, erm, most of the time, I don’t actually mean what I say. I mean, I make either comic or sarcastic comments and then people take me seriously and then– I’m to lazy to think of a conclusion to that sentence.

A scary, evil higad attacked me at our org tambayan this afternoon. Funny because I didn’t even notice it, I didn’t even feel it walking in my arm. I just felt something hurt just below my wrist and there I saw several, no, many legs of an evil higad embedded on my easily-irritated skin. It’s fuckin’ itchy and I had to put vinegar on it so the legs would come off.  But that’s not it. When I stood up and turned around, my orgmates squeaked and then I realized that the evil higad is still at the back part of my shoulder. It is indeed the evil higad‘s day to annoy me.

On lighter things, we went swimming again last night at our place in Shaw. We again attempted to escape reality. It was just a random idea but well life’s about choices so we made one. Whuuuut? Anyways, I don’t want to put any pictures this time because, uhh, they’re not for everyone to see. And we weren’t even drunk. At all. Haha

I am so bored and drained. Ugh. How dare me get bored when I have a deadline tomorrow?!


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